Patient Testimonials

As a dentist in the city of Medford and serving the surrounding areas, Dr. Michael Boldt takes pride in creating healthy, happy smiles. Boldt Dental is pleased to receive positive comments about how our quality dentistry has changed people’s lives. Here are some of our favorites:

Dear Dr. Boldt and Staff,
Thank you for the exceptional work you have done on my mouth and bite over the past 6 months. As the daughter of an excellent dentist, I’ve always made it a priority to seek a dentist with a high commitment to his patients. Dr. Boldt is certainly that, the kind of dentist who is not only technically excellent but also personable and enjoyable. Boldt Dental has exceeded my expectations. Dr. Boldt’s bioesthetic approach can truly enhance the health, longevity, and beauty of my smile. I have always liked my teeth, but now I love them. I’ve been smiling a lot lately because of the work you’ve done. Your work is beautiful!
With Sincere Appreciation,
C. Battiato


Dear Dr. Boldt and Staff,
Many people fear the dentist and loathe coming in. I know because I was their Chief before I met you and Boldt Dental’s kind staff. I am happy to have found a dentist I completely trust and actually enjoy visiting! You saved a tooth of mine that another dentist had given up on. At age 54, I still have all of my original 32 teeth and credit that to you!

Thank you for calming my biggest fears when you worked on my back teeth. I didn’t even feel the shots. Thank you for giving me confidence to come to the dentist and for making my visits so pleasant. I very much respect what you folks do at Boldt Dental.
Carl C.