Meet Our Team – The Best Dental Staff in Medford!

Bonnie Mosttler - Dental Assistant

Favorite Quote:  "Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths."  ~ Psalm 25:4

Bonnie is our dental assistant and has been working in dentistry since 1996.  Her work experience benefits both our patients and our staff.  She loves that her work is never boring and she really enjoys spending time with patients. 

When asked what she wished everyone knew about her job Bonnie says “I wish patients would take care of a filling before it goes into a root canal treatment or it is too late to save the tooth.”    She also takes great pride when a patient comes in with decay and missing teeth but they leave with a beautiful smile. 

When Bonnie is not helping care for smiles she enjoys hiking, bike riding, yard work and scrapbooking.  


Kimberly Cranford - Scheduling Coordinator

Favorite Quote:  "Be the reason someone smiles today."

Kimberly grew up in Georgia.  She enjoys line dancing, tennis and snowboarding.  She loves coming to work because of the family atmosphere in our office and working with our wonderful patients.