Meet Dr. Burch

We would like to introduce Dr. Peter Burch to the Boldt Dental Family. Dr. Burch graduated from Ohio State University with his Doctor of Dental Surgery. He also has his BS in Physiology and Developmental Biology. While he loves dentistry, he also loves to spend time with his family, check the latest NBA stats and scores, and he is a big electronics nerd.


“Dentistry is special to me. It has allowed me to be in service to other people on a daily basis. Helping others is one of the factors that initially fueled my interest in dentistry and the realization of it has been incredible. I love helping people get out of dental pain, resolve existing dental issues, learn how to best prevent future dental problems, and become more confident in their smiles. I work tirelessly to ensure that patients are always comfortable and at ease. Some of my favorite cases have involved people who were initially very anxious about spending time in the dental office. I have a calming presence and have been able to move many patients past a fear of dentistry by alleviating concerns, listening, and proceeding with gentle dentistry techniques.”"