Behind the Broken Smile

Tooth Loss Causes, Cure and Prevention

Tooth loss due to age is a natural phenomenon. We all lose our baby teeth when we hit 6 or 8 and most of us are likely to experience the loss of our adult teeth starting somewhere at 40. Yet, orthodontists agree that tooth loss is not a natural part of aging. Despite this fact, tooth loss, even in youth, is one of the most common oral and dental issues all around the world.

Today, we will get to the root of the problem to find out the major reasons that cause early tooth loss. We will also take a look into tips to prevent the problem and postpone our meeting with the tooth fairy until we are really old, alone and in a serious need of an imaginary company. So, let’s start with the causes.


If you really listened what your grandma told you, tooth loss really is caused by eating a lot of candies and going to bed without brushing your teeth. In more serious terms, it is caused by bad eating habits and bad oral hygiene. However, these are not the only reason behind the dental dilemma. A more comprehensive list of causes include,

  • Oral Hygiene – Teeth require regular brushing and flossing. Otherwise your mouth becomes a home for bacteria and germs that cause cavities and gum disease ultimately resulting in tooth loss.
  • Food & Nutrition – Healthy food with plenty of minerals and vitamins is extremely essential for good oral health. Without these nutrients, may become weak and fall out. Similarly, sugar and carbs can harm the teeth and cause early decay.
  • Bruxism – Bruxism or teeth grinding is a habit that can badly damage the teeth. Many people with this habit end up with fractured teeth that are prone to fall out early.
  • Smoking and Drugs – Another bad habit that plays a prominent role in aggravating the situation. Tobacco is considered responsible for a large number of periodontal diseases that may affect gums as well as the bone.


Since no one can really make teeth re-grow from the roots, there is no possible cure for the problem. However, there are treatments that involve placing a false tooth in place of the lost tooth. These treatments include veneers, dentures, implants bridges, etc.

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Prevention is always better than cure. It is impossible to completely avoid the problem because after a certain age gums become lose and tooth loss becomes inevitable. However, with proper care you can definitely delay the loss for as long as is possible. So here are a few prevention tips you ought to follow.

  • Believe in brushing – Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once to ensure that no bits of food remain behind. This will prevent decay and a number of other diseases such as plaque and cavities.
  • The Greener, the Cleaner – Eat a lot of raw vegetables especially those rich in Vitamin A, D and calcium. Many greens contain compounds that kill bacteria and make the teeth appear cleaner.
  • Say No to Tobacco – A wide number of researches have proven that quitting tobacco can greatly improve the overall dental health and appearance overtime.
  • Date a Dentist – Not literally – but make sure you pay him/her a visit as much as possible. Don’t shy away from sharing even your slightest oral or dental issue with your dentist.

Finally, on a very serious note, try to understand that tooth loss is not just about your appearance. It can cause a number of other problems such as difficulty in speaking and eating. Make sure you properly understand the problem and are able to avoid it for as long as possible.