Dental Hygiene and You

What’s the first thing you’ll notice about someone’s appearance? While everyone may point out the clothes, the eyes or the hair, if asked to point out 5 features that people notice about any stranger, the smile does pop up in the list more frequently than any other physical feature.

While we don’t know the statistics about that, we do know that there are plenty of ways that you can keep your smile clean and bright by practicing good dental hygiene. Everyone loves a smile that’s contagious!

Break Up with Food Items that Stain Teeth

Teeth serve us the function of breaking down our food for us. While useful in this manner, they take a serious hit owing to their lack of defense from bacteria and other substances. We’ll discuss how bacteria can effect your dental hygiene below but did you know that some food and drinks are actually responsible for the discoloration in your teeth?

We won’t be naming any names but certain hot beverages (Coffee and Tea) if consumed 3 – 4 times a day or more can start staining the enamel. While you might not want to break up with them for the sake of your dental hygiene (Don’t hold us responsible for any heartbreak) you can cut down to one brewing hot mug a day.

While it may not feel the same as when you constantly had Coffee or Tea near you, you’ll definitely be able to have a reason to smile again when your enamel is able to recover. Armed with that gleaming smile, you’ll never lack company for coffee or tea, if you know what we mean.

Upgrading Your Defense Measures

Toothbrushes are our main defense against all the mouth bacteria that we gather in our mouths everyday. Used twice a day, this little brushie force will start to wear out slowly and quit being functional. While we’re always ready to upgrade anything that becomes obsolete, how about applying that theory on to your little worn out toothbrush?

Even if the bristles haven’t started to go awry, you should change your toothbrush after every three months or so. This not only ensures that you have a fresh defense force but there are occasions when an old toothbrush turns hostage and starts carrying more bacteria than it cleans out.

In those cases, all you’re doing is using your toothbrush to spread and socialize your bacteria and alien bacteria with each other and you might end up getting ill a lot more frequently.

Using Reinforcements

Plaque and other bacteria are a stubborn lot, keeping them at bay is a constant battle and many people are often not too happy with their smiles because they feel that they’re losing the battle. However, before you give up on your dental hygiene and start taking critical hits which might result in a lot of cavities, try upgrading your dental regime with some reinforcements. We mean, try flossing and rinsing your teeth with mouth wash every time you brush your teeth.

We’ve already established how brushing your teeth may at times not be enough to keep up your dental hygiene, that’s why flossing and rinsing are the perfect steps to complete your defense and leave a sparkling clean smile. Flossing also ensures that you can reach areas which you had previously missed. Top it all off by rinsing your mouth with some fluoride mouthwash and you’ve set up a killer defense. However, don’t get cheeky, you still have to do that twice a day