How Can I Get Dental Treatments I Can Afford? Three Tips

Did you know that periodontal disease, such as gingivitis, affects 80% of U.S. adults, and although it can be characterized by swollen gums, bad breath and sensitive teeth, it sometimes has no noticeable symptoms? Nevertheless, it is one of the main causes of adult tooth loss.

Regularly visiting a dentist is important for personal health and hygiene. Although affordability is sometimes a concern, it’s worth noting that the price of treating advanced problems, such as large cavities and dental implants for lost teeth, can be much more expensive than simply getting a preventative, regular check up. Here are three facts you should know about finding affordable dental clinics.

1. How Can I Get Affordable Dental Care Without Insurance?

The Kaiser Foundation reports that about 33% of people skip dental care because they can’t afford it, and a report from the U.S. Surgeon General has found that 108 million Americans lack dental insurance. You don’t need to skip on dental care, though. Instead, find solutions within your price range. Some dentists allow patients without insurance to pay on a sliding sale based on income — there are also many charitable local organizations that might be willing to help you out. Check out your state’s dental association for more information.

2. Where Can I Get Affordable Emergency Dental Care?

Emergency dental care can often be one of your more expensive dental treatments, yet it is often essential for ensuring that people can live pain free and healthy. The average cost of a preventative dental visit is $60, compared to $175 for an emergency room visit, and a whopping $5,050 for hospitalization. And some dental issues indeed require hospitalization if the problems are not caught early on. Again, contact local dentists to see about options for sliding scale costs. Another thing to consider is visiting a dental school — students, overseen by experienced dentists, can sometimes perform procedures for less.

3. Is There Such A Thing as Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry?

Although cosmetic dentistry might seem like a luxury expense, for many people with tooth appearance issues, it is a necessity for personal life, as well as for job advancement. The majority of people rate smiles as an important aspect of first impressions. Luckily, there are many fairly affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures. Some will even be covered by insurance. Teeth whitening usually averages in at around $200 a procedure, and bonding, which can help treat small problems like gaps, discoloration or a crooked appearance, can cost as little as $150 per procedure.

Are you interested in affordable cosmetic dentistry or routine dental care? Let us know in the comments!