Dental Health Care Habits You May be Doing Wrong

Dental health is quick and easy, right? You brush, you floss, you clean the tongue, and repeat.

Well, yes and no.

While we’ve been told many times by our dentists and the ads we see on TV about the basic of cleaning the teeth, there are actually some subtleties in properly caring for your teeth and gums. And in many cases, the things you do for the sake of your pearly whites may actually do more harm than good.  Here’s a list of the most common dental mistakes people make:

Snapping the Floss

Flossing is a good thing, but the way you floss is important, too. As the American Dental Hygienists’ Association reports, snapping the floss between your teeth is not recommended.  The best way to go at it is to “gently guide” it between your teeth with a “zigzag motion.” Pulling the floss down too hard or too quickly may harm the gums.

Brushing Too Hard

Brushing hard may seem like a good thing at first, since it roughs up the teeth surface to get the dirt out. But in reality, it’s not. Over brushing may cause increased tooth sensitivity and receding gums. If you’re brushing too hard it’s recommended to use soft or extra-soft bristles.

Brushing Too Soon After a Meal

We’ve been told to brush after every meal, but many dentists agree it’s best to wait a little before brushing the teeth. The food acids and sugars temporarily weaken the tooth’s protective enamel, so cleaning too soon may reduce the enamel. Instead of cleaning them right away, wait it out for at least 30 minutes.

Always Starting on the Same Spot

Starting your brushing at the same point in your mouth, every time, may not be a good idea. People get a little complacent as they brush, which often means they don’t give even brushing and care to all their pearly whites. Dentists recommend shaking things up a bit and starting on a different spot so you don’t get ‘lazy’ and leave out the teeth at the back.

For up-to-date tips on caring for your teeth and mouth, don’t skip your next dentist appointment. If you have any concerns about your oral health, feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure you’ll get that beautiful smile.