About Our Dental Team

Dr. Michael R. Boldt and his caring professional team at Boldt Dental are dedicated to the health and beauty of natural smiles. As a general and cosmetic dentist in the city of Medford and serving the surrounding areas, Dr. Boldt is committed to the preservation of natural teeth through diligent preventative care, including the revolutionary CariFree® System. Boldt Dental believes in educating patients about good oral health care, providing affordable dental care, and providing emergency services for unexpected problems to help you retain your natural teeth for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Gentle General Dentistry

At Boldt Dental, we realize that some people have anxiety about going to the dentists’ office. Dr. Boldt is a Pankey-trained dentist who uses advanced techniques, such as gentle injections and nitrous oxide, to make your visit a positive and comfortable experience. Boldt Dental has a relaxing environment, complete with stereo headphones and dark glasses, as well as a supportive, kind, and patient staff. As a family dentist, Dr. Boldt and his staff are dedicated to providing individualized attention and comfortable quality dental care to all members of your family.

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